My wife and I accept taken our accouchement to Disney Apple twice. Disney’s absurd elements yield you into addition world. It is a apple in which the toughest decisions include: MGM Studio or Animal Kingdom? Hamburger or hot dog? Cotton bonbon or Popsicle? Pictures with Mickey or Goofy?

It’s a fun abode to go on occasion, but you can’t break there actual long. Why? Because it’s cher and eventually you accept to reenter reality; one accept to appoint afresh the “real world”, area the “stuff” of activity takes place. You know, getting like authoritative a living, paying a car agenda or mortgage, alteration a diaper, demography out the trash, acid the grass, allowance with homework, abrasion supper dishes, etc.

Our weeks in Disney accept provided the accomplished ancestors with an accepted escape from the “stuff”. Afterwards fail, my three kids accurate the admiration to break a little bit best – “Please Dad, can we just break one added week? Please! Please!” My acknowledgment is the aforementioned as any alive ancestor in blow with absoluteness – “No. We accept to get home. I’ve got to get aback to work, yield affliction of the house, the mail, the bills, the dogs . . .”

As I attending at the aboriginal few months of the Obama administering it seems he is active in his own fantasy world, and wants to break a while. He’s spending a lot of money, throwing account parties, bent from country to country absent about a new apple order. This administering is young, both in time and maturity, but it is already bright (as with a lot of abstracted liberals) that they are not affianced with reality.

It is absolute fantasy to accept Obama’s spending and added spending will accompany us abiding bread-and-butter stability. Obama is spending like a millionaire yuppie whose parents accept just died and larboard him the fortune. Such spending may accompany some actual satisfaction, but eventually the money dries up, and afresh appear the after-effects of dissipated governing. Parents and grandparents should be actual anxious about the hordes of debt, via ample arrears spending, this administering is heaping on ancestors to follow.

But even added annoying is Obama’s “fantasy adopted policy” as labeled afresh by Newt Gingrich. On the aforementioned day Obama was absent about a denuclearized apple the North Koreans were sending a missile over Japan. And what was Obama’s response? In a accent on nuclear admeasurement in the Czech Republic he said, “North Korea bankrupt the rules already again.” Bankrupt the rules?! Not abundant abolishment there. Obama’s exact punches accept hit his own country harder than this, on his “It’s-All-America’s-Fault” bout of Europe. Bankrupt the rules?! This is not a kindergarten class. The North Koreans accept played the apple like a bargain violin, demography bribes all the while bound to go nuclear.

Please don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a apple afterwards nuclear arms. Accordingly, let us abeyance for a moment of blackout and conceiving about a apple afterwards nukes … Okay, now, deathwatch up, deathwatch up, and breeze out of it. We can fantasize, fine, but not to the contravention of ambidextrous with reality.

I’m not adage Obama is amiss in absent of such a day, or even causing added tingles to go up and down the legs of television anchors and journalists, or abrogation alert Europeans in absolute arrangement at his chatty Utopian vision. But it is advancing and even amazing to accept to the President’s age of utopia as the Japanese clue a missile through their air amplitude and the Iranians beam at the apple as they accompany nuclear weapons. Footfall out of Epcot Mr. President and try to amount out how to accumulate nukes out of the easily of crimson dictators and Islamic terrorists and afresh we can dream about a apple afterwards nuclear warheads.

And speaking of Islamic terrorists, I’m not abiding we yield the blackmail actively anymore. Confidence is annoyed if the administrator of Homeland Security dubs terrorists attacks as “man-made disasters”. And, all of a sudden, there is no best a “war on terror,” the appellation getting alone by the Obama team. Furthermore, Obama goes to Turkey, as one AP commodity put it, “making apology with the Islamic apple afterwards eight years of tension” – added fantasy.Multi-Effects Processor

Again, I’m all for Obama’s bulletin of peace. Bush himself generally differentiated amid the war on alarm and war on Islam. But the adamant and awkward absoluteness is that there are millions, yes millions, of Muslims who do not wish accord with us. Islamic Fascism spreads an credo of abhorrence and a swath of claret and destruction. They abhorrence our attempt and way of life. This is reality.

It’s accept for President Obama to footfall into his little fantasy apple for a abrupt time, but he can’t break there too long. Or abroad we are all at risk. The absolute apple requires developed absorption and complete leadership.

“Please, please, can I break just one added week? Please?” No, Mr. President, you can’t. You accept to get aback to work. You accept to accomplish boxy decisions. You accept to accord with enemies who abhorrence America and see you as a diminished, base leader. They are accessible to appropriate an opportunity. I apperceive this may be a shock Mr. President, but it’s time to get real.