As a adolescent blah to afterlife by my grandparents’ adherence to The Lawrence Welk Show, I can’t say that I’ve been a huge fan of the accordion my accomplished life. I’ve been added affectionate to Gary Larson’s spin, as in the animation whose explanation reads “Welcome to heaven, here’s your harp. Welcome to hell, here’s your accordion.” Still, there is an unapologetically cool kitschiness to the apparatus that I acquisition added absorbing the beforehand I get. And in the ambience of gypsy bedrock and zydeco, it can be absolute sick, I say.

There wasn’t a lick of zydeco in the abode at Pierino’s endure night, area the Silver State Accordion accumulation got the arranged abode bedlam and singing until the wee hour of 10. The calendar absolutely leaned against the German and Italian standards. But that didn’t authority aback the rollicking, animated fun-all generated by a bandage of over-60 musicians, a lot of of whom had been professionals at some point in their lives.

“Young kids these canicule don’t absolutely like accordion music,” Mary Poe, Silver State secretary told me. “It’s not the rock-and-roll guitar music you apprehend everywhere. But if we were growing up it was on the radio, on television, it was everywhere.”

“And in the neighborhoods, our families played it.” Added Diane, who grew up in San Francisco’s Italian neighborhoods, and started arena accordion at age 7. Pierino himself, the restaurant’s above buyer and namesake, abutting the conversation. He had played a brace of abandoned numbers earlier, and I noticed that his axe was far added busy than the others’-with inlays of mother-of-pearl and intricate beadwork. He appear that it was, indeed, special-it had been custom-built to blueprint for Frankie Yankovich, “The Polka King.” “No!” his adolescent bandage associates gasped. “How did you anytime manage…?” But Pierino just smiled enigmatically, his polka baron abstruse safe for the moment.

Meanwhile, I was accomplishing a little down-covered math, and cerebration that the boilerplate amount of years of agreeable ability in that room, added together, would yield us aback to the ancestry of the average ages. What that agency in agreement of music, is a accumulated abyss of aptitude and ability that equals a appreciably agreeable sound. Eleven accordions in a baby restaurant amplitude could calmly arch south-even a little affray would be instantly noticeable, and grating. But the music was calibrated altogether to the amplitude and audience.

Most importantly, in my mind, was the arduous fun of the evening. Any pretense had to be arrested at the door. This is not the abode to get age-old Pecorino anxiously baldheaded into curls assimilate your locally-grown broccoli rabe sauté, and it’s not the abode to accept to chastened Vivaldi violin licks. This is a abode to get a huge, luscious, meat-filled lasagna, a fat bottle of chianti, and be able to belt out “when the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie” forth with anybody abroad in the room.TIME FORCE Multi Digital Delay

We can analysis a few added assumptions at the door, while we’re at it. We all apperceive and apprehend a lot these canicule about aged humans crumbling abroad in abandoned retirement homes, about a association that is acceptable added and added abandoned and contemptuous and consequently, depressed and apathetic. But on the aboriginal Tuesday of every month, at Pierino’s in the Keystone arcade aboveboard of Reno, NV., (if you’re advantageous and accomplish a catch far abundant in advance), you can acquaintance the opposite. A accumulation of musicians with accomplished lifetimes of agreeable expertise, cogent jokes and singing songs with friends, neighbors, and absolute strangers. The economy, the environment, that acute whining babble appearing from the Republican congress, all cook abroad in the 4 hours of silly, singing fun. As I get accessible to leave, there are still a brace of die-hards alive out tunes on the belvedere together. One of them is 89, his wife of 67 years accepting just anesthetized abroad three weeks ago, but he keeps playing. “It keeps him going,” Mary said simply. I acknowledge anybody and yield my leave. Pierino stands up and kisses me on both cheeks.

Now, that’s Amore!