Over the years, the slogan/motto for America acclimated to be; “baseball; hot-dogs; angel pie,” but not anymore. Because of all the cheating in sports…it now becomes “hot-dogs; angel pie; music and humor! The American humans are accepting fed up with the cheating in sports, which in unacceptable, and not acceptable for our kids. I rarely watch antic contest anymore because of all the cheating that goes on.

There can be no cheating in music, because if you can’t backpack a tune…you’re finished. There can be no cheating in humor, because you’re either funny or your’re not. In humor…believe me…I accept affluence of “egg on my face;” and I’ve put my “foot in my mouth,” affluence of times; and I’ve eaten affluence of “crow,” endless times during my lifetime. (yum-yum)


With account to music…this bearing has to be the a lot of absurd bearing to abound up in. With the sock-hops of the 1950’s; the artery dances of the 1960’s; and the altered styles of dances; the twist; the pony; the chicken; the even the Freddie, etc. Abounding of the songwriters and producers of that time, were alone teenagers and in their aboriginal twenties…Amazing! And, abounding of the songs accounting and produced aback then, are still accepted in the year 2009. An absurd access of aptitude during this generation!

I bethink if I was in the hospital for over three months, and there was no music in my life. One of the aboriginal things I did if I was absolved was to about-face on a radio, to accept to some music. I absent music so much, and the complete of it bound adequate me, and was ameliorative for me, as it helped my to alleviate as well.

To accept God-given talent, is not just in music, or in the arts and sports, etc. Talented humans are in the medical fields and in the abstruse fields as well. Yield Bill Gates of Microsoft, for example. He does not accept a academy degree, but yet he has managed to be so acknowledged and the wealthiest humans in the world. He is self-taught and is able with the adeptness in all those difficult fields such as math; engineering; physics and computer science, etc.

To be a acknowledged songwriter, has to be one of the toughest tasks to do in life. After all, we’re talking about creativity…songs that accept never been accounting before. In engineering and physics…there are limits…things that can and can’t be done! In creativity…there are no limits…it depends on what the apperception brings to the table, etc.

God-given talent…that’s what so abounding humans have, in so abounding fields, and they assume to do it with such ease…or at atomic it seems that way. A lot of of us couldn’t play the piano like Liberace; Jerry Lee Lewis or JoAnn Castle of the Lawrence Welk Show. How do they do it?

I can accept a tiny bit about how it works and what it means, because, for over 50 years, humans accept told me that I should accept been a actor comedian. But, that will never be possible, because I suffer, from what abounding humans beyond the country ache from…stage fright! I could never get in foreground of a accumulation and be funny…so because of this, I now accept to achieve for getting a “sit-down” actor and the computer on the Internet.

Robin Williams; Billy Crystal; and Bill Cosby are some of the funniest humans in the world, and abundant of it is so spontaneous….without a script…how do they do it?

Other than cogent jokes, which anybody can do…a bearings happens in someone’s life…and there is an automated acknowledgment to it…and that acknowledgment is funny…how does that happen? I accept no idea! I affiance one affair to the reeder…their will be no humer in this peace! (promise?)

That’s because this section is not about me and humor…it’s about music and songwriting! Paul McCartney (Beatles) can’t apprehend or address music…how does he do it? The admeasurement of my songwriting career consists of two songs I wrote recently, and I hoped they would do able-bodied on the charts.

The aboriginal song, which angry out to be a bomb…was entitled, “I Left My Heart in Algodones.” Humans in the music business wouldn’t yield it, because I was told it was too agnate to the hit song by somebody called Tony Bennett, and his hit song, “I Left My Heart in San Fransico.” Who is this guy Tony Bennett anyway? What does he have, that I don’t have? Anyway…my aboriginal song went nowhere!

I was not discouraged…and for for my additional song. I wrote a little section entitled, “Won’t You Abrasion My Rope About Your Neck.” The aforementioned affair happened with this song…the humans in the music business, told me that it was too agnate to the hit almanac by Elvis what’s-his-name…a hit song he recorded by the name of, “Won’t You Abrasion My Ring About Your Neck.” How can can a being abrasion a ring about their neck? They accept to accept an clumsily angular neck! Oh well…two songs…two failures. I anticipation actively about giving up my songwriting career. (promise, Jer?)

In a 50 year access of music during the bedrock and cycle era, I don’t apperceive if anybody can account their top ten admired groups and alone singers. There are artlessly too abounding to accept from, but I’ll try. Here is a account of my top ten bedrock groups;

1) Electric Light Orchestra; (ELO); I adulation this group’s music back I aboriginal heard them in the mid-1970’s. An English group, and accustomed on the arena in the post-British Invasion era. With over 100 actor annal in sales, this accumulation is unique, as they use cord instruments, such as the violins and cellos in their songs, such as Evil Woman; Livin’ Thing; Hold On Tight; Strange Magic; Telephone Line; Don’t Get Me Down; Do Ya and abounding more. Their adroitness and acuteness shows with their ELO spaceship (stage) and it zooms in and all the bright lighting, with lights blinking…simulating a spaceship. This accumulation is so altered and altered from all the others! Top marks for this group.

2) Chicago; Over 40 years in the business for this accumulation and still traveling strong. They, too, accept their own appearance like ELO, alone they use the assumption instruments in their songs…like the trumpets and trombones. This accumulation gets top marks from me in their music and their blockage ability as well.

3) Bee-Gees; (brothers Gibb); I aboriginal saw this accumulation in 1969 on the Tonight Show. I was already accustomed with the songs and accord of the Beach Boys and the Four Seasons, but this accumulation of brothers from England, was something abroad in their songwriting and harmony, etc. At one time, there were four brothers…but the adolescent one (Andy) acutely committed suicide. He had hosted Solid Gold for a abbreviate time.NUX Vintage Chorus

The blow of my top ten attending something like this;

4) Fleetwood Mac;

5) Moody Blues;

6) CCR; (Creedence Clearwater Revival);

7) Eagles;

8) Rolling Stones);

9) Four Seasons;

10) the Chipmunks

My admired macho singers include; 1) Kenny Rogers; 2) Gordon Lightfoot; 3) Fats Domino;

My admired changeable singers include; 1) Anne Murry; 2) Olivia Newton-John; 3) Alice Cooper;

All these groups and alone singers are so-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o talented!

“Do I play a agreeable instrument, you may ask? The alone agreeable apparatus I play is the radio…and I don’t even play that well, either!

Recently, I wrote my final song (hooray) and the aforementioned affair happened…the humans in the music business, told me that it articulate too abundant by the hit song by ELO entitled, “Do Ya.” Just so you’ll know…the song was entitled, “See Ya” which agency that I’m accomplished in the music business!