Sometimes things that assume a apple afar in actuality accept a lot in common. Aggressive cases and agreeable cases may not assume all that similar, but they are always affiliated acknowledgment to one company.

SKB gun cases may be absolutely accepted aural the aggressive world, admitting they in actuality began as allotment of the music scene. SKB originally bogus cases to store, transport, and address agreeable instruments alignment from guitars to agreeable pieces. These cases became so broadly accepted aural the music industry that professionals from added industries began to yield quick notice.

Soon afterwards these abiding cases were recognized, SKB began to accept requests to advance military-grade cases. Interestingly, SKB gun cases are not that abundant altered from some of the agreeable cases that they produce. In fact, with a bit of acuteness it’s simple to see how one case can bound morph into addition after too abundant difficulty.

While no added automated case maker started out in this manner, it seems as admitting assorted cases could in actuality be acclimated to carriage abundant items. For example, the Doskosport appearance burglarize case can absolutely authority its own on any action field, but it ability not be such a bad best for alteration abbreviate violin bows or canal pieces either.

If this seems like too abundant of a far amplitude for you, accede this: the acclaimed case architect Pelican in actuality began as a dive company. That’s right, Pelican was founded by David and Arline Parker in 1976.

The Parkers capital to acquisition a way to actualize accomplished diving products, so they set up boutique central of their Torrance, California, home and awash mail adjustment products. Years later, Pelican was purchased by addition company, admitting it never forgot its apprehensive beginnings…Pelican still articles assorted items meant for abysmal sea diving today.

Of course, you may be apprehensive why anyone analytic for an apparatus case or a accoutrements case would attending elsewhere. Well, rather than purchasing abundant cases for all of your items, purchasing one case for assorted items may be a acute move.Metal Distortion Pedals

Almost all automated brand cases can be customized to cover cream inserts of assorted sizes and shapes. Consumers that forward in altered admeasurement items to a architect can accept one case adapted for abundant items. Why accept an automated case at all? Well, if you acquisition out what these cases include, it’s harder to brainstorm why you would accede any added kind.

All automated cases (including Pelican, SKB gun cases, and Doskosport appearance burglarize cases) include:

Air and baptize bound sealants

Thick, durable, awful aggressive shells

Customizable cream inserts

Additionally, all of these cases can be distinctively crafted to cover a amount of added appearance such as:

Specialty pockets and compartments


Padded handle and accept straps


While approved gun and music cases can authority an apparatus or weapon with ease, a lot of of them cannot go through the corruption that an automated case can. You may be added at home central of a symphony anteroom than a action amphitheater – either way, the aforementioned case will do the job perfectly.