“Music and Moonlight”, the countdown alms annual concert put on by the Joy & Care-Giving Foundation Inc (JCGF) and the Flagler County Make It-Take It affairs was a beauteous success. Even with the appearance active continued (nearly two and a bisected hours), the admirers was advised to music, ball and banana skits that entertained at some of the accomplished levels possible.

Space will not admittance a abundant analysis of every performance, but a ample amount of them stood out. The appearance opened with the Indian Trails Mustang Bandage (middle schoolers) and associates of the Matanzas Top School Marching Bandage arena our civic canticle afterwards an alarming drum-driven advance to the stage. Then, Mr. Tito Lagonera sang the Philippine civic anthem. (JCGF builds schools for underprivileged accouchement in the Philippines).

Mr. Lagonera’s articulation danced to our ears. He was abutting by the Filipino admirers associates with admirable and ardent voices.

The accumulated bandage afresh proceeded to accord us a brace up-tempo numbers that rocked and snared the admirers into blissful participation. Little did we apperceive that this accomplished alpha to the appearance was alone a baby adumbration of what was to follow.

After Flagler Schools Steel Drum Ensemble entertained us with the Theme From the Pink Panther and Funky Town, the admirers captivated to the agreeable accomplishment of Justine and Derrick Tiu. Justine came out with the longest canal I’ve anytime apparent (which agency it was a lot of acceptable not a flute) while Derrick sat down at the piano. What followed cannot be declared as annihilation but mesmerizing. She played the Hungarian Serenade by V. Joncieres with a ability far above her breakable years. This adolescent adult played at a akin that could not be beneath than professional. Derrick, on the keyboards, was elegant, bendable and supportive, his rhythms absolutely adulatory to the dancing addendum of the flute.

The admirers reacted to the end of the area with a barrage of appreciation. I alone was abashed by the adorableness of what I just heard. Then, to my amazement, Derrick stands up, retrieves a violin while Justine sits down to the keyboard. Derrick gain to amuse us with Czardas by V. Monti. The area begins bendable and quiet, and periodically sizzles, his fingers aerial above the strings, again, with a ability above his years. By the time Derrick was finished, I was so absolutely agape I could do annihilation added that acclamation my acknowledgment with the blow of the audience. Afterwards an agreeable banana absurdity by The Seton Players, Sharon Resnikoff stepped to the date with her acoustic guitar for two songs. Both were her own compositions – She Rides the Wind and The Rainbow Song. While She Rides the Wind was a apple-pie abundant area of autograph and performing, The Rainbow Song stood out with an acute lyric and guitar plan aces of the accomplished akin of able music. The Rainbow Song is a adulation song that at already delivers acuteness and adorableness with admirable guitar plan interlaced throughout. When this song comes out, you will wish to get a copy.

Later in the program, Jameson Kuang about blanket the show. And if he didn’t, it was alone because of the top superior of the above performers and a brace I accept yet to mention. At the actual least, he was the highlight of a night of highlights. Jameson played Ballade #1 in G Minor (Chopin). Played is far too anemic a description. He dreamed addendum from his body and massaged them into a piano keyboard which in about-face bagged our aerial with candied music on a virtuoso level. There is no way a reside piano could anytime aftermath such adroitness and passion. As his easily confused the breadth of the keys, there was no pounding, no vamping, yet powerful, acute acclamation were produced by easily and affection that became one with the instrument. This admirers was advantaged to attestant Jameson Kuang’s amorous abstraction of Chopin. By my account, Chopin himself would accept been appreciative of this performance.

One could say it was all decline from there except that Tito Lagonera alternate to the stage, this time with Emelda Dinopol (Tito & Em). They performed a admirable duet, aberrant their accomplished choir about and through the song The Prayer. Their harmonies were top cleft and their date presentation annihilation abbreviate of professional. A adolescent man by the name of Sebastian Gutierrez afresh took the date abaft the piano keyboard and, forth with his friends, played us some blues. I beggarly absolute reside blues. With a actual competent abetment bandage (bass, drums and advance guitar), Sebastian formed the keyboard in a good, old-time dejection riff that affective the admirers by the ears. The alone abashment of it all was that, accustomed the lateness of the hour, a abundant allocation of the admirers absent this actual able performance.Metal End Pro Pedal

There were added acts of capricious levels of talent. The abdomen dancing was interesting. How they do all that affective is above me. The Seton Players came aback for an even funnier skit, but the afterpiece with the Seton Mixed Choir backed by a added than competent assumption section, rocked Palm Coast one endure time with a ablaze arrangement of Go Ye Into All the World. Kermit Allison led the musicians and choir through a frenetic, affection abounding acme that would accept brought down the abode in above venues.

Summing up, for a bare $25, this appearance confused far above its absorbed to advice the Joy & Care-Giving Foundation accession funds to body schools in the Philippines. Directed and Coordinated by Kermit and Janice Allison, this appearance went to a akin that needs, no, that begs for a above audience. Next year, I’d be accommodating to bet there won’t be an abandoned bench in the amphitheater. I apperceive for abiding I’ll be there.