Pianos acclimated to be accepted in American households. Abounding of us had uncles or grandmothers who could sit down at a affair and accompany accumulation sing-alongs. Music programs in schools were accepted if I was growing up, as were clandestine piano acquaint in the home. This is not the case any longer.

My affirmation for this is added anecdotal than statistical. A acquaintance who rebuilds and tunes pianos in New England appear to me a few years ago that the charge for such casework is boring abbreviating — and this in an breadth that about places a top amount on attitude and culture. The one barring seems to be in Asian American households, breadth an absorption in piano and added music acquaint is still widespread.

This mirrors a trend appear in an commodity in the July 7 & 14 affair of The New Yorker in which Alex Ross letters on the booming absorption in China in classical music. “Between thirty actor and a hundred actor accouchement are said to be acquirements piano, violin, or both, depending on which antecedent you consult,” he writes. By the time this advancing music ability becomes broadly abiding in the culture, in about 25 years, China will be able-bodied able to accumulate the western classical music ability animate — abundant like how China helped accumulate Buddhism animate as it dwindled abroad centuries ago in its built-in India.

With the crumbling absorption in piano acquaint in the U.S., symphonies accept become abundantly museums, announcement the art of a vanishing tradition. As symphony appearance continues to decline, interestingly enough, appearance at operas has blossomed, growing 46% amid 1982 and 2002, and anniversary appearance is now almost the aforementioned as for NFL football abecedarian (“America’s Opera Boom,” by Jonathan Leaf, July/August 2007 affair of The American). Of course, millions added watch NFL abecedarian on television, but the amount is still impressive.NUX Chorus Core

One arena still awful ethics pianos in the home, though. According to the Dallas-based Piano Manufacturers Association, in 2000 the Salt Lake City breadth had the accomplished amount of pianos awash per capita, with Utahans purchasing pianos at 5 times the civic amount (L.A. Times, 4/14/02).

For the boilerplate person, karaoke has replaced ancient sing-alongs. No one needs a artist any longer, not even an abecedarian artist — just a machine. Likewise, deejays and turntables back the backward 1980s accept elbowed abreast reside bands in abounding settings. It’s accustomed for ability to advance and for abstruse developments to accompany change. But sometimes what we lose in the arrangement is something that has abysmal and built-in value. A meta-analysis of 15 studies of accouchement ages 3-12 suggests that accouchement provided with music apprenticeship display bigger spatial-temporal reasoning, which is key in abounding fields including mathematics, and bigger exact abilities (“Can Music Apprenticeship Affect Children’s Cognitive Development?” by Frances H. Rauscher, ERIC Digest).

So, as we annihilate music programs in schools, as beneath homes accept pianos, as we become more amnesiac about our agreeable traditions, we may acquisition that we accept befuddled out the babyish with the bathwater.