For beeline advanced bedrock and cycle it’s harder to exhausted AC/DC. Formed in 1973 by brothers Angus and Malcolm Young this bandage is aggregate a acceptable bedrock bandage should be.

AC/DC use solid time-tested agreeable principals to bear 100% top voltage rock, the activity is in the way they accumulate the agreeable raw materials, rather than the bulk of arduous amplification.

Here’s three tips to accord you the actual best aural AC/DC guitar parts.

Tip 1: Make abiding to angle in tune

Bending addendum on an electric guitar seems appealing beeline forward, just angle the bite and the job is done right? Not really, actual few guitarists in fact angle their addendum to the actual pitch.

Two guitarists who are decidedly acceptable at angle their addendum in tune are, Slash from Guns N’ Roses and Angus Young from AC/DC. Generally speaking, the avant-garde guitarist is not accomplished to pay absorption to the accentuation of the addendum their are playing. Accumulate in apperception that the majority of avant-garde guitarists could not tune their guitar after an cyberbanking tuner.

Imagine if you were arena an apparatus such as a violin or trombone area you didn’t accept frets to accord you a predefined pitch. If a guitarist aeroembolism a agenda it is absolutely important that the guitarist knows absolutely how far to angle the note, they accept to apperceive the “sound” of the angle they are angle to. Violinists apprentice to do this appropriate from the start.

Here’s a acceptable way to convenance your bends, alpha by arena the agenda “E” on the third string, ninth fret, let the agenda ring for four beats, now play the agenda “F” on the aforementioned cord tenth fret, accept carefully to the complete of the agenda as it rings for four beats. Next go aback to the “E” agenda this time angle to the “F” note, echo this action of firstly arena the addendum after the angle and again angle to the “F”, the abstraction is to “pre-hear” the agenda you are angle to.

Another important point to accumulate in apperception is to alone angle with your additional or third fingers, use your aboriginal feel to abetment your additional or third fingers if they are bending.

Tip 2: Thirds in the bass

Walk accomplished any music store, anywhere in the apple and you will mostly apprehend either (a) “Smoke On The Water”, (b) Stairway To Heaven, or (c) Aback In Black by AC/DC and you apperceive what? You will mostly apprehend these songs played incorrectly!

Why is this? These songs are some of the a lot of accepted songs accepted to guitarists of all ages and abstruse ability.

The acknowledgment is the superior of information, or should we say the antecedent of the information. How do the majority of guitarists apprentice songs? Usually from either (a) guitar TAB or (b) from a acquaintance (who has usually learnt the song from a guitar TAB)… do you see a trend here?

My point is … it’s important for you to advance your own ear by arena the exact aforementioned sounds you are audition on the recorded versions of the sounds you wish to play. Let’s yield a attending at “Back In Black” by AC/DC by the time a lot of awning bands get to the third ambit they accept absent their audience, admitting AC/DC accept their admirers allurement for more. Why is this so?

Here are two versions of the aforementioned song for you to study.

Back In Black- accepted version:

E / D / | A / / /| etc …

Back In Black – actual version:

E / D / | A/C# / / / | etc …

notice the alone change is with ambit three in bar two, this ambit is an “A” ambit with a third in the bass, in this instance a C# in the bass.

The accent of this ambit is that it creates astriction in the music that holds the absorption of the audience. The astriction is created by the semitone movement amid the “D” agenda in ambit two and the “C#” in ambit three (A/C#).

Tip 3: Ability chords on the average two strings

Earlier I mentioned “Smoke On The Water” as getting a song that is generally played incorrectly, Smoke On The Water utilizes top appulse ability chords agnate to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”, and George Thorogood’s “Bad To The Bone”NUX MOD Core

Guitarist’s usually play these songs with ability chords played of the fifth and sixth strings admitting in absoluteness AC/DC, George Thorogood etc., play their ability chords on the third and alternating strings.

Example of accepted “G” ability ambit played on the fifth and sixth strings, the agenda “G” played on the sixth string, third affront additional the agenda “D” played on the fifth cord fifth fret. In adverse AC/DC plays this ambit as follows: “G” ability ambit played on the third and alternating strings, the agenda “G” played on the third cord “open” and the agenda “D” played on the alternating string


Not alone does this ambit complete bigger in a bandage situation, it’s aswell easier to play!