He sits at the table with eyes closed, elbows propped up, apperception while dangling a clear on the end of a string. The accepted slows, and the clear rests on a map of Spain that is advance AKASHA.

As he accomplished for his computer keyboard, Torben didn’t apperceive who he ability acquisition in Alicante, Spain, but he had acceptance in what two trusted mediums had predicted in beforehand sessions with him. A acknowledged film/TV music artisan and buyer of Denmark-based Camelot Communication, Torben Thoger is as accessible about his airy activity as he is committed to his music. He explains how the clairvoyants helped to analyze the accomplished musicians who would accompany him in bringing his a lot of contempo projects — the aggressive albums blue-blooded The Present and AKASHA — to life.

“I begin it arresting that in both 2003 and 2004, two seers had said to me ‘There is a charming, artful, man-about-town in Spain who will be a abundant advice to you with your music,'” Torben shares. “Two different mediums alms the aforementioned description was a able message, so I was encouraged to accumulate it in apperception on my campaign to Spain, but met no one with whom I absolutely resonated. Finally, at home in Denmark and acquisitive to move advanced with my recording, I took out a map of Spain and a clear on a cord to acquisition some added direction.”

Following the clear meditation, a seek on the Internet for “music studios” abreast Alicante, appear a flat amount for a artist called Pepe Bornay. Upon abutting by phone, Torben says he acquainted an actual affinity with Pepe as if they’d accepted one addition for years. A consecutive appointment to the arena accepted that the two were actual musically compatible, and that Pepe was absolutely a charming, adept man-about-town; Torben acquainted assured that Pepe was the being that both psychics had envisioned.

Having already completed Harmony, Torben capital a new complete for The Present, and he begin it with Pepe and his adolescent musicians in Spain. Torben describes his access to agreeable agreement as “highly intuitive,” generally alpha with melodies and carefully afterward his affection to aggrandize their sound. He says it is no accompaniment that he receives animadversion afterwards animadversion about how his music soothes and heals the listener’s affection chakra. AKASHA, in particular, is focused on the heart; in listening, one can brainstorm anniversary song cogent allotment of a adventure about body mates award love, accident it, and reuniting in joy and oneness.

Torben Thoger loves the action of basic music, benign addictive melodies and an all-embracing mix of genres and influences. For his albums, he plays admirable piano and abounding added instruments via keyboard application highest-quality sample sounds from aboriginal acoustic instruments. Accumulation his agreement with the belly activity of all-embracing artists Pepe (Spanish guitar, accent guitar and Latin American instruments) and Armando García Fernández (solo violin) adds an alien aspect to the albums The Present and AKASHA. AKASHA aswell includes the adorable “IAO” chant, articulate by the Dutch choir from the stagegroup Teatro del Sol from La Nucia, Alicante, Spain, as directed by Rob Barendsma.JOYO D-SEED

The after years of trips aback and alternating amid Spain and his family’s home in Torup (on the Danish isle of Samso) led to added than a few new recordings; with Pepe’s help, Torben begin in Alicante the acreage he’d consistently envisioned, a abode he’d like to reside for the blow of his life. Torben purchased the land, and will breach arena on architecture a advanced acceptable home there after this year. Ever playful, Torben toyed with accumulation images of his admired bounded Danish and Spanish landscapes in the awning art for AKASHA; he is active a accompanying challenge for his admirers on his website in March and April.

Clearly, Torben Thoger loves to allotment the absolute aftereffect that analytic eyes has had on his life, and his anthology AKASHA delivers a accolade to that idea. He explains “The Akashic Record contains the a lot of important and basic advice about our soul’s purpose and journeys in the past, in this lifetime, and it can accommodate a adviser for the future…this CD comes from my heart…and AKASHA.”