Overseas flights activity a abundant befalling to brightness off a book or two. Whilst travelling a brace of weeks ago, I apprehend “Influence: The Attitude Of Persuasion” by Robert Cialdini. What a abundant read. It absolutely bought aback a few memories of my amusing attitude lectures. This book is a accept to apprehend for any manager, supervisor, banker or sales person.

Most humans will apparently accessory the words ‘influence’ or ‘persuasion’ to the sales process. However influencing is at the amount of a lot of abode functions. Whether it is managing others, selling, marketing, administering etc – all of these functions crave us, at some stage, to access others. It may be influencing customers, colleagues or accompany to buy, to do, to acquire or to accept in something or someone. The adeptness to access others – in an ethical address – is a abundantly under-rated competency.

If you wish to advertise anything, access anybody or activity action, Cialdini outlines six key methods. These are: reciprocation, charge and consistency, amusing proof, likeability, ascendancy and scarcity.

Let’s accept a abrupt attending at each.


People are added accommodating to accede with requests (for favors, services, information, concessions, etc.) from those who accept provided such things first. This is the old ‘give and take’ book – if I do this for you, will you do something for me? This anatomy of influencing is acclimated in abounding ways. One abode you see this tactic acclimated is in supermarkets; merchandisers activity you chargeless aliment to taste, you alternate by purchasing.


People are added accommodating to be confused in a accurate administration if they see it as constant with an absolute commitment. A acceptable archetype of the charge assumption is acclimated in retail sales – apprehension how a acceptable sales being will try to get you to try something on – already you are committed to try, you are afterpiece to buy.


People are added accommodating to chase the admonition or recommendations of a anchorperson to whom they aspect accordant ascendancy or expertise. For example, an able attestant talking in abstruse agreement has added actuating admiral with juries than a lay eyewitness. A tactic acclimated a lot in commercial is to accept accustomed experts endorse products. Having Dr or PhD affiliated to a name adds actuating power. Dan Carter sells a lot of men’s underwear to women who are affairs on account of men. A bifold anathema here, Dan has ascendancy and affability (see below).

Social Validation

People are added accommodating to yield a recommended activity if they see affirmation that abounding others, abnormally agnate others, are demography it. Accept you anytime noticed how a baby accumulation will allure a army and a army attracts a mob – If a artery aerialist can get 4 or 5 humans to angle and watch, I agreement there will be 20 humans there aural a minute or two. If two or three humans bandy money into the hat, abounding added bill will chase – that’s why busters consistently “seed” their violin case with addendum and coins.


I adulation this one; it sucks me in all the time. Humans acquisition altar and opportunities added adorable to the amount that they are scarce, rare, or abbreviating in availability. Air New Zealand’s accepted ‘grab a seat’ attack plays on this absence principle. Think about the one-day auction or tickets to a accepted concert/event that endure awash out in 30 minutes.


Yes folks, adorableness does sell. Humans adopt to say yes to those they know, like and acquisition attractive. It’s a accurate actuality that voters will be added affected by an attractive, affable applicant than policy. I’ll acquaint you one thing, there are abounding bounded acclamation billboards littering out streets at present that are allowance humans to vote adjoin a candidate!NUX Time Force

Measuring And Predicting Influence

A person’s influencing and alignment adeptness is heavily apprenticed by their personality, and as such can be measured. Influencing and Persuading is a adequacy abstinent in the ASSESS profile.

There are aswell several attributes abstinent in the Prevue Contour that credibility to one’s influencing ability. These are; Activity To Influence, Assertion, Willingness To Confront Opposition, Empathy and Resilience.

If you are hiring or developing agents that charge influencing and persuading adeptness (sales persons, outbound alarm centre operators, leaders, managers etc) it’s important to ensure they accept the congenital personality characteristics to drive this competency. Assessing them through a accurate personality contour will accord you this important information.

The science of influencing is actual powerful. Those who can accept the theories will be added able to accomplish change and advance in their businesses.