Let me allotment with you how you can account from my agreeable accomplishments and why I chose to abstraction music theory. I accept been brought up arena altered instruments – piano, violin, drums and guitar to name a few. So by the time I accomplished for a guitar, I had a solid accomplishments in the basics of music.

After alone a brace of years on guitar, I was up to the claiming of acquirements Van Halen solos and Paganini violin pieces by ear appropriate from the almanac (that’s right, I said record!). I was addled as to why some of the addendum and chords they played didn’t fit into the scales and harmonies that I knew. Those “wrong notes” all articulate cool, but they didn’t assume to accomplish agreeable sense.

That fabricated me seek for answers. Next affair you know, after even acumen it, I was belief theory. The chat “theory” is sometimes anticipation of as an abominable thing. It can be an alarming appellation that abounding bedrock guitar players abstain like the plague. They anticipate it’s all about account area music, acquirements how to play “inside a box” and not getting accustomed agreeable freedom. It’s absolutely the opposite.JOYO JF-35

Once I begin out how to musically ascertain those “wrong notes” that Van Halen and Paganini played, I was not alone able to accomplish faculty of them, but I could use the account in my own creations. How air-conditioned was that! Even if Eddie Van Halen doesn’t apperceive what key he’s in, I do. Even if Eric Clapton doesn’t apperceive what calibration he’s using, I do.

To me, that was ultimate freedom. I apperceive absolutely what they are doing. Not alone that, I now apperceive the “flavor” of those agreeable ideas. I apperceive that to me, Lydian sounds like a catholic scale, Phrygian has a Spanish ability to it, I apperceive what it sounds like traveling from the I (one) ambit in a above key to the iv (four from minor) and how to use it effectively.

Find out how bound you can accept absolute agreeable abandon just by acquirements some basal approach principles!