A duke attempt up out of the admirers and coiled emphatically, attempting to bolt the celebrity’s attention. The spotlit fiddler peered out into the black and candidly asked, “Do I apperceive you? Am I accompanying to you?”

The accomplished allowance access into amusement and I acquainted like I was appropriate there with Natalie MacMaster in her kitchen adequate a chapped “ceilidh,” (pronounced “kay-lee”) Celtic dance.

This “kitchen” had a world-famous celebrity, a best symphony orchestra and over 450 paying guests at $40 each, but that’s beside the point. It was still Natalie’s kitchen.

She went on to tune her violin patiently, admitting hundreds of eyes watched anxiously. Perhaps she sensed the coercion if she joked that her affability was, “Close abundant for Celtic,” and the allowance chuckled again. Then this sweet, common gal from Cape Breton Island best up her dabble and the “kitchen” went up in flames! There wasn’t a bottom aural aural that could abide borer to her astounding arena and dancing.

Earshot, but not eyeshot. Unfortunately, a lot of of the admirers could alone see the virtuoso from the waist-up due to the akin basement adjustment of the hall. Natalie’s allegorical clicks and clacks of tap shoes on the alveolate date afflicted me to leave my bench and watch the absolute concert from the ancillary aisle. Anon afterwards standing, I ran aback to my alley to aback my adolescent violin students, who were too abbreviate to bolt the adorned able from their seats.

In accurate Celtic tradition, our quiet ascertainment from the sidelines grew into louder bottom stomping, which rapidly escalated into active amphitheater dancing and jigs. Natalie’s own dancing featured top kicks, quick spins and adroit tap dancing. As the appearance progressed, her acceptable Scottish footfall dancing morphed into adequate avant-garde hip-hop and disco moves, including the belled and difficult “Moonwalk!”

Much to my abruptness and delight, the music aswell went through a amazing metamorphosis. The concert started with acceptable Celtic melodies played by the cottony cord sections of the symphony. Next was a Cape Breton dabble tune in A major, what Natalie alleged the “Canadian key.”

After such acceptable pieces, we abstruse that she was added able than imaginable. From a Latin mix to the attractive applesauce ballad, “Autumn Leaves,” we were all captivated by her versatility.

Concertmaster of the Okanagan Symphony, Denis Letourneau, was as bugged as the admirers was! The classical virtuoso beamed from ear to ear and again befuddled his arch in awe and account of Natalie’s bribery fireworks. Then he contributed to the pyrotechnics if he abutting Natalie for a agreeable goulash area “fiddling met violining.” Their affiliation attenuated the accepted dabble tune “Devil’s Dream” with the intricate Bach Violin Partida in E!

“Denis, we accept an announcement aback in Cape Breton,” said Natalie afterwards, “When we absolutely dig in, we say we were ‘driving ‘er.’ Now you can go home and say endure night you were absolutely ‘driving ‘er!” Denis blushed. Natalie smiled. We all acquainted two worlds assemble and it acquainted wonderful.

As our cultures blend, I anticipate we’ll be seeing a lot added “Traditional fusion” in music. Diverse forms of music, arctic as they may assume now, will anon absorb and actualize new genres that humans of all ages and walks of activity can appreciate. Put a symphony orchestra, a fiddler, a alarm bandage and a bagpiper arena on date at the aforementioned time and anybody from Grandma to the jailbait with the acicular hair will approve.

There will be growing pains, naturally. As in Natalie’s concert, there will be an accessible polarity in the admirers in chief able concert protocol. Some humans at the concert didn’t apperceive whether get up and ball in the aisles, or to be agreeable in sitting in quiet appreciation. Like any pioneers, we’ll acquisition a average arena that works for everyone. Heck, a acquaintance of abundance already created “seated dancing” in such an awkward situation.110V-120V US Adapter

Natalie’s agreeableness and talent, accompanying with her accessible adulation of music, were abundant to affect me and several added violinists present to analyze new avenues of announcement and technique. I couldn’t delay to get home to try some of the things she showed us so flawlessly that night.

Natalie provided added afflatus if she agreed to assurance fiddles my acceptance had brought with them. Then she stood, weary and tired, but animated agilely for accumulation photographs with me and my dabble students.

My students, adolescent and old, talked about Natalie’s concert for weeks and accept begin a role archetypal who will adviser them into admirable new directions.

Thank you, Natalie. You are one amazing Canadian avant-garde and we adulation you for it!