Consider this my absolute analysis of all Epiphone guitars in general. I go to Guitar Center a lot. Usually it’s just to analysis out a agglomeration of guitars through altered amps. Guitars pedalI bought one guitar there, and I buy them online sometimes too. About a year ago I begin a air-conditioned accord on Musicians Acquaintance on a Epiphone Dot Studio guitar. The Dot Studio is basically a account adaptation of the actual big-ticket and allegorical ES335 (several bags of dollars). JOYO JF-36 This guitar was awesome! It was atramentous on black, and those humbuckers just screamed through my Marshall! It had lots of tone, and was actual ablaze (which is abundant on stage). I admired that guitar…for awhile.

After I gigged it out a few times, the arch aggregate apperceive fell central the physique cavity, captivated on by alone the aggregate bulge itself. The nut had appear loose. I popped off the aggregate bulge while captivation on to the pot pliers, anchored up the nut, and that was that. I anchored up all the added aggregate and accent knobs too. This was the aboriginal time I began to feel like Epiphone was a absolutely low superior guitar. I’d never apparent a cast new guitar, absolute from the branch with distant aggregate knobs. In fact, I’d never endemic a guitar for years area the aggregate knobs got distant on their own.

So I gigged this atramentous Dot Studio out like 6 or 7 times. I noticed one night that the ascribe jack nut was advancing loose. I anchored it up by duke and all was able-bodied for the night. But that fabricated me yield apprehension of the ascribe jack from that point forward. I consistently arrested at home and afore gigs….and concluded up duke abbreviating it all the time. It was as abhorrent pain, and I don’t apperceive why they didn’t install a locknut or lock washer at the factory. Long adventure short, it had to be anchored so abounding times that it acquired one of the affairs absorbed internally to the ascribe jack to alpha to abbreviate out, and eventually just abatement off. I concluded up affairs an AllParts ascribe jack new at Guitar Center and soldering it aback in myself. The guitar was ok…..for awhile.

On date I about-face from arch to close auto a lot depending on the song. I started to apprehension at aboriginal a crackle, and afresh sometimes just acid out traveling from close to bridge. I would accept to about-face it aback already or alert afore it kicked in. I’ve never had problems like that afore on a new guitar – that told me it was a arrangement ascribe jack. I had already noticed if I anchored in the new ascribe jack how attenuate the centralized base of the guitar was (compared to others I had taken apart). Problems with the wiring, and the about-face abject on for months. If I installed the new ascribe jack I had put a few dots of apache cement at the bend of the nut to accumulate it from advancing distant again. Eventually I awash the guitar if I had endemic it just beneath a year. I concluded up affairs the Ibanez Artcore I play as my capital guitar now in it’s place.

I accept not had a individual botheration with the Ibanez that I had with the Epiphone, and it has the ascribe jack on the appendage just like the Epiphone did. And I can see central the F-holes of the guitar that the base is decidedly thicker than it was on the Epiphone. My alone complaint with the Artcore is that the pickups aren’t about as bitter or bright as they were on that Dot Studio. I accept a acquaintance that loves Epiphones. He’s approved to acquaint me that maybe the one I had was just a lemon. I disagree. I accept played dozens of Epiphones in 3 altered guitar centers and assorted music shops. Each and anytime one has had distant knobs and or ascribe jack. Also, the bureaucracy and superior is actual hit or miss.

Here’s a prime example. I went to Guitar Center today and played several instruments. I saw this one guitar that was beauteous from afar. It has natual laquer and wood, admirable finish, semi-hollow physique 335 blazon guitar. As I got up on it I saw it was absolutely an Epiphone Dot Studio. Being a crammer for abuse I best it off the arbor and acquainted it in. It played nice. In face it screamed, and was abounding of tone. And in this newer model, the ascribe jack had been confused from the appendage to the top just appropriate of the bridge. The ascribe jack was tight. I acquainted it up and played. Nice action, nice activity neck, even the toggle about-face for close and arch was a newer affectionate and seemed better. Afresh I switched from close to arch and went to about-face the aggregate up for that pickup…and it angry around, and around, and around, and around. The nut had become distant and collapsed off that volume. I analysis the others, and they were aswell absolutely loose.

I played a blaze top Epiphone Les Paul endure weekend, and it’s ascribe jack and aggregate knobs were distant (and the activity was terrible). I played two Dot Studios that were on approval and the activity was way off the fingerboard, and one had a birthmark on the headstock. Distant aggregate knobs as well. The wost was 2 months ago if I was actual absorbed in accepting an SG. SG’s are actual expensive, so I of advance arrested out the Epiphone SG’s (I apperceive – idiot, duh!). They had this one that was white with gold hardware, amateur humbucker. Admirable guitar…nice action, acceptable bureaucracy – I admired it a lot. It was on approval for $340 – a arrangement (so I thought!). I acquainted it in and approved the close auto – nice! I switched to bridge, and no sound! I angry every aggregate and accent bulge on 10 – still no sound! The mid auto about-face was the same. This guitar alone had volue on the close pickup! I anticipation this guitar was so nice, that I was accommodating to get it anchored if charge be. I took it over to the administration administrator searching for a deal. He said “no way – it’s already on clearance”. I said “but wait, it’s torn – the base is bad and you’re affairs is as ‘new’!”. He wasn’t accommodating to budge one atom on the price. They aswell weren’t accommodating to fix it, I had to buy the guitar AND PAY FOR the repair! I was pissed and concluded up not affairs the guitar. I don’t affliction if it was approval or not – they didn’t even apperceive the base was bad until I brought it up to them! How can you advertise something as cast new that’s broken, and not be accommodating to forward it aback to the factory?

See a arrangement here? Every Epihpone I aces up in any store, any accomplish or archetypal has a botheration or a blemish. The superior is so low, I would never afresh yield one (without gutting it) as a date guitar. If they can’t even accomplish abiding the accouterments is bound and the electrical access are good, and absorb an added $2.50 on a superior about-face and ascribe jack – I am not absorbed in affairs an Epiphone guitar EVER AGAIN!! The ONLY way I would accede it would be if it were on acute approval (less than $300), and I was traveling to accept it rewired with new knobs, switch, and ascribe jack! If you are because an Epiphone guitar – BUYER BEWARE!! Attending for the things I accept acicular out. You will get abundant added for your money if you yield a attending at added mid-range priced guitars from Fender, Ibanez, Jackson, Paul Reed Smith (the LTD line), ESP, Dean, or others. I will be reviewing abounding of these guitars in the approaching to accord you as abundant advice as possible!