Do you apperceive how some guitar players convenance a lot of canicule of the week, plan hard, and are amorous about their guitar playing, but they consistently attack to be able to play guitar the way they want? They are balked because they don’t advance fast enough, activate carper their guitar arena potential, or even feel beat or affronted with themselves if cerebration about how continued it is demography them to become a bigger guitar player.

Can you chronicle to that? I abiding can, I just declared myself 15 years ago.

There are specific affidavit why guitar players go through such annoyance and disappointment. Actuality are 11 key mistakes guitar players accomplish and echo over and over afresh that you should absolutely avoid.

1. Teaching Yourself To Play Guitar. Abounding humans attack to advise themselves how to play guitar. Yes, it’s accurate that some able-bodied accepted players were ‘somewhat’ cocky taught, but I do not advance afterward that action even if your admired abecedarian was cocky taught. If you are 100% abiding that you can physique finer able acquirements and training systems on your own, that’s great. However, if you are like a lot of of us, accomplishing it abandoned is the hardest, a lot of time-consuming, stressful, and arresting way to apprentice anything. This is a aberration that you should avoid. Some guitar players anticipate it will affect others if they say, “I am a cocky accomplished guitar player”. That account adeptness affect a few abecedarian people, but getting cocky accomplished is not a ‘badge of honor’. Would you rather affect others with your guitar arena or with an unimportant account about your guitar playing? I’m not criticizing cocky accomplished guitar players, I’m alone adage that there is no advantage to getting cocky taught… and no, it is not accurate that getting ‘self taught’ makes us added ‘original’. In fact, the adverse is usually true.

2. Demography Guitar Acquaint From Abortive Guitar Teachers. Unfortunately, a lot of electric guitar agents accept ZERO training on how to advise guitar. What is worse is that the all-inclusive majority of agents do little or annihilation to advance their guitar teaching skills. Ambition some proof? Use Google’s keyword apparatus . Type in this keyword phrase: ‘improve guitar teaching skills’, ‘guitar teaching skills’, or ‘guitar teaching training’ and you will acquisition that beneath than 10 searches per ages are done for these capacity at google! Of advance there are some awful able electric guitar agents around, but there are a accomplished lot added abortive teachers.

3. Seeking New Guitar Admonition (tricks, tips, tab) After A Accurate Action To Reach Your Specific Agreeable Goals. We charge information, advice, admonition and music to play, but after a accurate cardinal acquirements and training action that is specific to you, your accomplishment level, your agreeable appearance and what you ambition to be able to do as a guitar player, admonition will not get you area you ambition to go. It is bigger to aboriginal seek admonition in developing a customized action for you to become a bigger guitar player. After that action is in place, afresh it is time to accord with acquirements the appropriate information.

4. Not Knowing Specifically What You Ambition To Be Able To Play. A lot of guitar players are not specific abundant if they anticipate about (or acquaint others about) what they ambition to be able to do with their guitar. To say, “I ambition to play whatever I ambition to play” is too vague. How can you (or your guitar teacher) advance a specific and able guitar training action unless the goals you accept are specific? It’s like adage you ambition to be a abundant athlete, how can you finer alternation with such a ambiguous goal? Abiding there are things you can do to become faster, stronger, added adjustable or whatever, but it’s abundant easier if you aboriginal get specific such as, I ambition to alternation to be a gymnast, or a continued ambit runner, or a physique builder. Yes you can still advance after a strategy, but it will yield a lot best and be abundant added frustrating. You can consistently change your ambition after if you ascertain you ambition to do something abroad instead.

5. Not Abundant Focus On Things That Amount A lot of To Authoritative You A Bigger Guitar Player. Accept you collapsed into the allurement of practicing guitar after absorption on the specific things that can bound activate to advance your guitar playing? Abounding humans absolutely do not accept and administer this abstraction in abundant detail…. for example, I accept a apprentice called Mark who acclimated to yield acquaint from accession abecedary in the past. Mark was belief ambit acrimonious arpeggios with his antecedent teacher, and was authoritative some progress. However Mark did not accept what ‘specific’ things he bare to focus on aboriginal afore attempting to adept the ambit acrimonious arpeggios he was practicing. This was captivation him aback and authoritative him feel actual frustrated. Mark’s antecedent abecedary alone knew how to ‘teach’ arpeggios and accepted ambit acrimonious concepts. He did not absolutely apperceive how to “train” Mark with the specific things to focus on and how to affected the challenges Mark was having.

6. Too Abundant Focus On Things That Are Not Core To Your Goals. In accession to not absorption on specific things, abounding guitar players focus on the ‘wrong things’. Some agog guitar players become briefly bedeviled with things which are distractions from added things that could be allowance their guitar arena abundant more. Actuality is an example: I acclimated to get so balked and affronted if I could not play something perfectly, I’d lock myself in my guitar convenance allowance and say, “I’m not advancing out of this allowance until I adept this abuse lick if it takes me the next 19 hours! No breaks! No food! No animal contact! I’m gonna attach this!” And I did adept it. On the surface, it adeptness accept like I was on the appropriate clue and practicing in a acceptable way…. But in reality, I was spending my time alone to stop getting affronted and frustrated. I was not advance my guitar convenance time wisely by absorption on the things that mattered a lot of to authoritative a bigger guitar player. In added words, my backbone was commendable, but my action to adept important abiding goals was weak. I accustomed myself to be distracted. I don’t accomplish this aforementioned aberration anymore, and I appetite you to aswell abstain it! Focus on the things that absolutely amount for your guitar arena appropriate now. If you are not abiding how to do this, seek out a accurate guitar abecedary today.

7. Absorption On The Appropriate Things, But in The Wrong Order. This is a accepted aberration that even abounding avant-garde guitar players accomplish which causes a lot of ashen time and frustration. Imagine you ambition to advance your adeptness to actualize your own air-conditioned guitar solos. Let’s accept that you are avant-garde abundant to absolutely accept all the primary and accessory elements of basic guitar solos (or you accept a guitar abecedary to admonition you). Anniversary of the abounding elements charge to be abstruse and/or accomplished in adjustment to calmly actualize alarming solos that you like. Area should you begin? What should you focus on first, second, third? Which of these things should you convenance simultaneously? There is consistently a specific adjustment in which agreeable abilities should be abstruse and baffled in adjustment to EXPLODE your agreeable skills. Unfortunately, that adjustment is absolutely altered for every person, appearance of music, agreeable goal, accomplishment set and knowledge, so giving an archetype actuality would be pointless. My advice, acquisition the best abecedary you can and abstraction with him/her in adjustment to be able to do what you ambition to do with your guitar abundant faster and easier.

8. Not Isolating Problem Areas. Few guitar players are acquainted of the baby things that authority them aback in big ways. Because these little imperfections accept bush to us, we generally abstain them. The accuracy is, baby hinges accessible big doors. In the video mentioned aloft I explained how acceptance your guitar aces to lose its drive if you are ‘not picking’ a agenda on the guitar makes your arena apathetic and sloppy…. which will accomplish you feel actual frustrated. This is why I was abiding to accomplish a appropriate point to admonition you abstain that mistake.

9. Acquirements And Practicing Guitar In A Footfall By Footfall Beeline Process. Does afterward a beeline footfall by footfall access to learning, practicing and arrive guitar accept like accepted faculty acceptable to you? Yes it does… And that is why guitar players who chase such a aisle are NOT abundant guitar players. I’m traveling to let you in an insider’s secret… The accuracy is, afterward a beeline access to acquirements guitar, practicing guitar, and arrive guitar is the NUMBER ONE REASON WHY “GOOD GUITAR PLAYERS” STRUGGLE TO BECOME “GREAT GUITAR PLAYERS”…

10. Practicing Guitar In The Aforementioned Way Your Admired Guitar Players Convenance Guitar. Accept you anytime apprehend about how your admired guitar players convenance guitar and afresh approved to echo the aforementioned convenance routine? Yes, I’ve fabricated this aberration too! It seems accustomed to use a agnate guitar convenance agenda that our admired guitar players are using. This is a mistake, because your accepted guitar accomplishment akin and ability of music is apparently actual altered from your admired player. His/her challenges and needs are acceptable not the aforementioned as yours.

Professional guitar players convenance for altered affidavit than a lot of abecedarian players do. For example, afore recording a new anthology I will convenance actual abnormally compared to the aeon afore traveling on tour. Once I’m in actuality on bout my convenance accepted changes acutely again. The blow of the year my practicing agenda changes yet again. This happens because in anniversary case my challenges and goals are absolutely different. If my guitar acceptance ask me, “Tom, how do you convenance guitar?” I’m accurate not to let my acceptance accept that they should convenance the aforementioned way that I do. Your convenance agenda and action needs to be congenital about YOU and you only! If you charge admonition architecture your own convenance schedule, email me directly.

11. Acquirements From Too Abounding Altered Sources Of Information. There will consistently be abounding acquirements opportunities and assorted paths to take, but it is analytical that you do not get absent into afterward a section of admonition from one person, afresh accession section of admonition from accession being and afresh chase added assets from about abroad and so on and so on… while altered humans may accept some acceptable account to offer, the actuality is, aberration is a big acumen why abounding guitar players who are actively learning, don’t absolutely move advanced quickly… these humans are consistently active afterward absolutely altered resources, teachers, philosophies, advisory videos, chargeless online guitar lessons, but all of this leads them to yield one footfall forward, afresh 2 accomplish to the right, afresh one footfall forward, afresh 3 accomplish to the left, afresh one footfall backward, afresh two to the right, afresh 1 footfall advanced and afresh accession footfall to the left…

Once you accept an able action to become the guitar abecedarian you ambition to be, ALWAYS break focused on it (unless your goals radically change)!! The actual best way to do this is to accept ONE primary guitar abecedary who helps you to become the artist you absolutely ambition to be.

This doesn’t beggarly that you shouldn’t yield admonition from added humans too, but you should accept one ‘primary’ antecedent of information, training and coaching, and see the added admonition as an added resource, but do not become absent by it.